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A quick permissions post, and honestly I have no idea how Light hasn't got one yet.

Any questions? Anything that I ought to add here? Let me know.
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Character Information

Note: Light has been canon reset - i.e. back to just a few seconds before he was originally taken, and is now Light Yagami as he worked with L on the Higuchi case. He spent some time in SP as his end-of-canon self after his death before returning to this point.

Canon Source: Death Note
Canon Format: Manga (Anime/Book/Film)
Character's Name: Light Yagami
Character's Age: 18

What form will your character's NV take? An interactive phone much like the i-phone, though he predates it. Everything built in to one pocket-sized touch-screen device.

Character's Canon Abilities: Light has very little in the way of canon abilities in the usual superhuman style, but he is a magnificent strategist, and has a particular talent for tennis. Since the Death Note counts as a weapon, it'll be noted in the following questions.
Conditional: If your character has no superhuman canon abilities, what dormant ability will you give them? Upon entering the city, Light will be given a dormant ability he will only become aware of over time – and with awareness will come a greater strength and understanding of how to use it. Namely, the power of suggestion. Basically, his words will have the power to implant suggestions or feelings within the minds of those around him; however, this will only be effective as long as Light is concentrating at the time, and is not up against someone with existing mental abilities. A good example of this might be the simple command: ‘You feel cold’. When Light first arrives, this alone won’t have much of an effect if any at all - though the effect may be augmented with more words. But once he has been there several months, he may be able to cause the other person to believe they feel an actual chill.

Naturally this ability has its limitations, to avoid the risk of godmoding, and he will never be able to, for example, convince somebody that the night is safe from monsters. The harder or more unrealistic the suggestion, the more he'd have to concentrate, and the more word power he'd have to put into the effort -- equally, it would have a higher chance of failure.
Weapons: Light carries a watch with a secret compartment that holds a piece of the Death Note with space for the names of two people. The Death Note will allow Light to kill others following the rules listed here.

Character History: At first appearance, Light is very little more than a bored high school student, and a spectacular one at that. His childhood was such that he went from one blazing achievement to another, driven by his desire to follow his father's footsteps into policing.

Not only has he achieved in academics, earning matching perfect scores in the entry exam for To-oh University alongside the detective genius L - at the time under the pseudonym Hideki Ryuga - but he was also junior high school champion in tennis, giving it up as he entered high school because it was no longer a challenge, despite being good enough to make a career of it. Outside of school, when he was only 16 or 17, Light helped the police department to solve an insurance case, noteable enough that receptionists at the front desk mention it.

As canon begins, Light comes across the Death Note, which has been dropped by the Shinigami Ryuk. He takes ownership of it, then begins to use it. His purpose? To clean away the rotten core of humanity that choked the world around him. At first, he sees himself as justice, punishing those that the police can't touch and generally making the world a better place. Quickly he convinces himself that he is purifying the world around him, and that when all are dead that commit evil deeds, he will be the one left in the perfect position to become a god of the new world that rises from its ashes.

Soon enough he is overcome by megalomania and paranoia, and forced to take considerable care over his every move as the world renowned detective L focuses outright on him as a suspect in the Kira case. Though the probability that he is Kira rarely exceeds five percent throughout the investigation, Light is forced into a position where he has no choice but to play a very tight game - to find out L's name and kill him before he is revealed to be Kira.

Misa's appearance quickly throws his carefully laid plans into turmoil. To save his own life - since the Shinigami Rem says that she will kill Light if Misa is harmed - he is forced to develop an elaborate plan in order to take the suspicion off them, putting himself, his father and Misa through a hellish confinement while the Death Note is given to another owner, and then temporarily giving up his ownership. He is confident that the Light from before he received the Death Note would be determined to take the heat off himself and find the real Kira and solve the mystery, and that he can later take back his memory when the weight of suspicion has been removed from him, despite the fact that the still suspicious L then chains himself to Light, ordering 24 hour personal surveilance.

Point in Canon: Chapter 54. Light will be taken from the moment when he comes into contact with the Death Note again after killing the Yotsuba Group "Kira" Kyosuke Higuchi. When Higuchi is penned up and caught, he reveals that he kills with a notebook, and as each arresting officer touches the note the Shinigami Rem appears to them. When L demands to bring the Death Note to the helicopter, where he and Light are waiting, Light - touching the note - gets his memory back, and then kills Higuchi with the piece of note in his watch, taking ownership of the Death Note once more so that he does not lose his memory again.
Conditional: Brief summary of previous RP history: n/a

Character Personality: If it wasn't for the Death Note, Light would still be an exceptional student, devoted and dedicated, loving his family and studying hard to build his future. Were he to continue on this path, he would have inevitably have become a symbol of justice, a world renowned policeman or detective working with L. He was originally empathic, caring about those around him, and this would have held through, concerned about other people's pain rather than corrupted by the ability to skip the judicial system and punish those criminals himself.

Much of this persona is echoed still in order to maintain his cover while he works to fulfil Kira's plans for a perfect world. Amongst other people he is eager to please, has a sense of humour, and even makes time to help his mother, sister and father alongside his schoolwork, frequently taking time out of his schedule to help his sister with her homework or run errands, while never asking for anything in return. Even in the midst of his problems with L, Raye, Misa and Naomi, he still worked hard to maintain the illusion.

Quickly, he reaches a point where he has put his own life above others; the value of his path as Kira, and the entitlement he feels toward becoming a god means that he cares very little about the lives he is forced to crush on his path, leading to the point where he is fixated upon killing L to remove suspicion from himself, despite the fact that every effort he takes toward that goal only leads him deeper into the spiral.

His intelligence leads to arrogance and conceitedness, even frequently questioning whether he will have to kill his family to maintain his position - quite prepared to do so if necessary - and even openly using Misa and others, particularly those who are easy to corrupt or women. He even goes on to kill L after the detective has announced Light to be his 'friend'. By this point, his true empathy has dwindled to nothing.

At the beginning, Light notes that having the power of the Death Note would change anyone, and that only he is strong enough to do what must be done, but his will is quickly overcome. He is evidently drowned in his power, a brilliant actor and a cunning strategist even in the tightest of situations. He begins to take a certain pleasure in killing, the sinister side of Light even changing his expression entirely, though he is careful to hide this twisted layer of sadism as it grows.

For the moments that Light loses his memory of the Death Note, he becomes almost a different person, altruistic in his pursuit of the truth and desire for justice, demonstrating just how much his personality changed to the worse after receiving the note. That altruism became a lust for power, his mind turned from the truth toward weaving ever more intricate plans to maintain that power and extend his own life. He is corrupted completely, to a point where even the simplest conversation becomes a battleground.

Conditional: Personality development in previous game: n/a
Character Plans:Since Light is, aside from having the Death Note, nothing more than a particularly bright teenager, I think it's important for him to have that protection in the city, even if it's useless against the actual monsters. He'll be looking to get to a position where he can protect himself - and imply that he's also protecting those around him - by deliberating over the best side to join, ICly, and then getting involved to earn that protection. Whoever can offer him the best umbrella is going to get his vote, really.

The fact remains that with the power of the Note he could easily bring in Bounties. He could literally destroy the game, by killing the two crime-bosses. The end. But that's not in his best interests at all and if there is anyone around who is keeping an eye on him, he's going to want to maintain the illusion that he's still a harmless university student, just in case the information learned there carries back across to his own world - if he ever returns - and he gets outed as Kira. Keeping the secret is going to be imperative, and should his appearance in the city coincide with suspicious deaths akin to the Kira case, it's going to endanger that. Besides, he only has room for two names, which is going to make him wary of using that space unless it's absolutely necessary.

Appearance/PB: Here

Writing Samples

First Person Sample

I just arrived here, and already something in the darkness has attempted to kill me. As I understand it, there are monsters here that prowl around in the night, and kill anything that dares to venture out. The person that greeted me seemed to have some kind of power. Is that normal here?

Since I seem to be trapped in this bunker for the next few hours - or so I'm told - I thought it prudent to see what kind of information I could get hold of on this device, so as you can imagine the posts of other deplaced visitors was the first thing I discovered. I'm looking for any names I recognise, but it's not been easy.

My name is Light - that's Raito using the kanji Tsuki for 'Moon'. I'm looking for anyone that knows me, or at least someone who can help me get settled in.

Third Person Sample

Only a few moments ago he had been seated in a warm helicopter, rotor blades still turning idly, the world renowned detective L seated only inches away. His memories were still settling in where they had returned, the name Kyosuke Higuchi still inscribed in his own blood on the scrap of Death Note tucked in the hidden compartment of his watch.

Then all at once there had been a pull.

The helicopter vanished, the flash of blue police lights obscured as everything went dark, and when the feeling of being displaced had subsided, he had found himself sitting in a pool of white light, watching a leggy man with bright energy sparking at his fingertips running the length of the field awkwardly.

The diving monster with its vast leathery wings had almost taken him down in that instant, but for a flash of bright light darting overhead, and a scream of rage so inhuman that it was hard to drown it out in favour of the advice being poured onto him by his odd looking hero. Something about getting under cover, followed by a considerable amount of running.

Light was admittedly still a bit dazed when he sank down onto one of the hard benches, gratefully clutching his thermos mug of tea in one hand. Dazed, but consumed by a sense of immaculate calm. His life had been in danger before, and certainly it still was - from the monsters, at least - but no less so than it had been in the helicopter, killing under L's nose. Yes, it was thrilling, but here the jaws of death had been fought off, and better yet--

Better yet, he was free. Free from suspicion, free from those eerie eyes following him everywhere, free even from the cuff that had bound him to L.

He could begin again, then. Make fewer mistakes. Surround himself with people to protect him from the strange, nameless monsters sweeping about in the dark. If this world needed to be saved from itself, then he, Yagami Light, would save it.


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